Terms of Use

Using the application is free. There are currently no plans to create a commercial version (although I’m open to other uses if someone would be needed).


Analyses are only stored on your computers. The application runs entirely on the browser (on your computer). The application does not send or save any information concerning your analyses to other computers, servers or any other places

How to use i-swot

Visit the main page: www.i-swot.com. Now you can create first analysis
Use the button with the sign „+” to add the features in the appropriate category
Fill the field „Description” and „Weight” and press “OK” to add this future
Add this way more features
Save the results of yours analysis on your PC – press „Save” button in the upper part of the application and select the path where you want to save a file. File extension is *. swot but it is a plain text file – containing the data as XML. After that the analysis has been saved – you can leave this page.
When you want to return to this analysis go to the www.i-swot.com again. Press „Open” button and select your earlier saved file. The analysis will be loaded and you can work on it again.
Why this tool has been created

I decided to create my own.

During the reading of the next web training for running your own business, I found information about the SWOT analysis. I was asked to perform simple analysis. The first thought that came to me concerned the tool where you can create such an analysis. I thought of a spreadsheet or a simple text document. When creating such a document came to the conclusion that there must be a web-based tool to assist this process. But there was not one (or have not found any).


If you have any suggestions regarding the development of applications please send an email to admin@i-swot.com. We are happy to consider the possibility of adding more functionality