Strengths are features that makes your idea will be easier to implement, or has a greater chance of success.

Strengths as Weaknesses result from the internal situation. This means that you should look them in the internal environment, so such an environment on which we have impact. Of course, if they are positive features, and we have impact on them, we should make them our advantage and use all of them.

Strengths are the features that currently exist.

Examples of strengths:

  • Skills, knowledge, experience (there are today, they are related to internal environment, you have impact)
  • To have something unique (have this today, you have impact because you can use it)

How to distinguish the Strengths of a Opportunities

  • Strengths are internal characteristics, we can impact. Opportunities are external features, independent of you
  • Strengths are the features that currently exist. Opportunities are the features which can or cannot happen in the future.