Weaknesses are features that makes your idea will be more difficult to implement and has less chance of success.

Weaknesses as strengths result from the internal situation. This means that you should look them in the internal environment, so such an environment on which we have impact. Of course, if they are negative features, and we have impact on them, so we should correct or eliminate them.

Weaknesses are the features that currently exist.

Examples of weaknesses:

  • Insufficient resources in the project (there are today, resources in the project are the internal environment, we can have impact by increasing the resources)
  • Lack of experience (currently we have no experience, it concerns us or our team, you can gain experience in the future)

How to distinguish Weaknesses from Threats ?

  • Weaknesses are internal characteristics – those for which we have impact. The Threats we have no control, you can only think that is happening and estimate the risk associated with them.
  • Weaknesses relate to the current situation. Threats are the features that may or may not happen in the future.